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Recap Nintendo Direct 18-12-13

If you missed the latest Nintendo Direct: don’t worry, we made a recap for you.

Since the end of this year is coming fast, Nintendo announced a lot of discounts, codes, and extra content. Also, a few new games are announced.

Hyrule Warriors (title not definitive) for Wii U, is one of those new interesting games. It is a crossover game between The Legend of Zelda and the Dynasty warrior franchise from Tecmo Koei, the company that is also producing the game. While we wait in great anticipation for the Wii U game of Zelda, in the meantime we can enjoy ourself with this spin-off.

Also, Nintendo has more information about the upcoming **Kirby: Tripe Deluxe, **a title that was already mentioned in an earlier Nintendo Direct. A big addition to this 3DS game, compared to previous Kirby games, is the ability to use a Warp Star item to move the background. This adds more possibilities for puzzles and such, and makes the game less linear. The new Hypernova ability, which is an enhanced version of Kirby’s inhale ability, provides new possibilities as well. The well known minigames concept from the previous games will also return to this game.

There are also more announcements about **Yoshi’s New Island. **Even though Nintendo didn’t really tell us much about the game, they did show a trailer in which both well known game elements and some new additions can be seen. One of these additions shown is that Yoshi can swallow an enemy much bigger than him and turn it into a huge egg that will destroy everything on its path when thrown.

Nintento also announced two 3DS applications for owners of **Pokémon Black & White (2) **and Pokémon X & Y: ***Pokémon Bank ***and ***Poké Transporter.*******The first one allows players to store up to 3000 Pokémon online. The second one allows players to transport captured Pokémon from **Black & White (2) **to **X & Y. **If you are going to use **Pokémon Bank **you will get **Transporter **for free. Furthermore, Nintendo announced that if you use the **Bank **before september 2014 you will get the legendary Pokémon Celebi as a present.

Onwards to the new downloadable content:

  • **Sonic: the Lost world (Wii U): **will get 2 exclusive levelkits based on Nintendo franchises
  • Wii Sports Club (Wii U): now has** **the game of Golf, and a new 24-hour Free Trial License can be used
  • **Wii Karaoke U: **will get a nice set of Japanese songs for the Christmas holiday season, which contains AKB48 and some anime songs among others.
  • **Dr. Luigi: **is based on DR Mario, but it contains some new features that create a completely different gameplay

Nintendo also announced some discounts and temporal promotions:

  • You can register aNintendo Network ID on your Nintendo 3DS. If you register between 10th of December and the 31st of January,  you will receive a free download code  for Super Mario Bros. Deluxe
  • If you now register 1 of the 15 selected games and a Nintendo 3DS, you will get a free download  code for Super Mario 3D Land.
  • **Super Mario Bros. 3 **will be cheaper in the E-store of Nintendo during the week of its release on december 26th.
  • A lot of 3rd company games have discounts in the E-store around Christmas; the discounts change weekly.

Discounts and promotions are always nice, but great news beats that.

A new playable character has been announced for Super Smash Bros. for the Wii U and 3DS. Besides the previously announced Villager, Wii Fit Trainer and *Megaman, **Rosalina & Luma *from Super Mario Galaxyjoin the game as well as one character. They will have their own Super Mario Galaxy-based stage with Spaceship Mario in the background.

And last but not least, Nintendo has a new trailer for **Mario Kart 8, **a Wii U game that will be released in spring 2014. Besides new courses it seems also a new type of kart called buggy is added to the game.

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