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Oricon chart top 30 week 03

This is the Oricon chart top 30 best selling singles of week 03:

01![new]( no Ura BojouMisaki Iwasa -
02![new]( -
03![new](’s Basketball (Character song)Taiga Kagami -
042 wks101 Kaime no NoroiGolden Bomber-3  ![downbutton](
05![new](’s Basketball (Character song)Tetsuya Kuroko -
068 wksKamenogixNMB48+13![arrow up](
075 wksTana Kara botamochiBusaiku-2  ![downbutton](
083 wksNanbu SemishigureKouhei Fukuda+1  ![arrow up](
093 wksRide With MeHey! Say! Jump-6  ![downbutton](
107 wksBarretteNogizaka46-2  ![downbutton](
118 wksSansei KawaiiSKE48+15![arrow up](
121 wksNaicha Isou FuyuMomoiro Clover Z+10![arrow up](
13![new]( StringsCyntia -
14![new]( 2 3 De JumpGood Morning America -
152 wksJindouSaburo Kitajima-3  ![downbutton](
163 wksKaratachi no ShoukeiChiyoko Shimakura-3  ![downbutton](
174 wksShareotsuSmap-11![downbutton](
18![new]( the BoundaryAkihito Kanbara -
19![new]( no YadoGoro Kagami -
2017wksKoisuru Fortune CookieAKB48-5  ![downbutton](
213 wksHyori IttaiYuzu-14![downbutton](
225 wksSuzukakeAKB48-12![downbutton](
236 wksAshita moMush&Co-2  ![downbutton](
242 wksNanairo no Stardust3B Junior-22![downbutton](
2510wksHeart ErekiAKB48+3  ![arrow up](
2611wksPeace & Hi-LiteSouthern All Stars-2  ![downbutton](
279 wksSnow Dome no YakusokuKis-My-Ft2-9  ![downbutton](
2817wksGuren no YumiyaLinked Horizon-11![downbutton](
292 wksNiji no OtoAoi Air-18![downbutton](
306 wksKokoro Sora MoyouKanjani 8-7  ![downbutton](
![downbutton]( = Ranks lower then previous week

arrow up= Ranks higher than previous week

equal = No change in ranking

new = New arrival

back = Returning song in to top 30

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