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Oricon top chart 30 week 08

This is the Oricon chart top 30 best selling singles of week 08:

02![new]( no KisekiSuper Girls-
03![new]( VoiceMy Voice-
05![new]( ZeroTM Revolution-
07![new]( SHizuriDEEP-
09![new]( LoveTokyo Girls Style-
10![new]( Jizai no Magical StarGranRodeo-
11![new]( no ArikaHey! Say! Jump-
12![new]( I love UGackt-
132 wksTakaramonozuu’s-9  ![downbutton](
14![new](! Character songMiyano Mamoru-
15![new]( Luo-
172 wksLittleTomomi itano-14 ![downbutton](
18![new]( Hikasa-
203 wksOtone NagaretsukiKiyoshi Hikawa-18 ![downbutton](
213 wksTsukiNami Amuro-10 ![downbutton](
224 wksSnow Magic FantasySekai no owari-4  ![downbutton](
23![new]( SemishigureKouhei Fukuda+1 [![arrow up](](
24![new]( to Yobanaide/Candy PopGalette-
25![new]( up ~Chiisana Yuuki~Sakura Gakuin-
26![new]( no Tobira Kara Ai ni kiteYukari Tamura-
27![new]( ~Maybe I fall in Love~Touch-
28![new]( FinaleUnison Square-
29![new]( MineMaaya Sakamoto-
30![new]( UjoHiroshi Miyama-
![downbutton]( = Ranks lower then previous week

arrow up= Ranks higher than previous week

equal = No change in ranking

new = New arrival

back = Returning song in to top 30

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