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How To Train Your Dragon 2: New Species revealed!

**How To Train Your Dragon 2 **announced that they will be releasing information on a new dragon(s) every week.

The information will be released on the “Dragonpedia” section of their movie website up until the release of the movie this summer. In the announcement, they also give us new looks at some of the new dragon images, including brand new species that will make their way into the dangerous world of dragons. Here’s what they’ve given us to look forward to:



*Tracker Class
**Fire Type: Acetylene/Oxygen Shaped
*Charges Stats: Attack: 15 Speed: 20 Armor: 18 Firepower: 14 Shot Limit: 6 Venom: 0 Jaw Strength: 6 Stealth: 18



*Strike Class
**Fire Type: Electrical
*Stats: Attack: 14 Speed: 11 (19 on lightning) Armor: 10 Firepower: 12 Shot Limit: 4 Venom: 0 Jaw Strength: 5 Stealth: 18



*Sharp Class
**Fire Type: Sustained and blazing torus of fire
*Stats: Attack: 6 Speed: 8 Armor: 4 Firepower: ? Shot limit: 8 Venom: 0 Jaw Strength: ? Stealth: ?



*Tracker Class
**Fire Type: Magnesium
*Stats: Attack: 10 Speed: 8 Armor: 16 Firepower: 18 Shot Limit: 6 Venom: 16 Jaw Strength: 5 Stealth: 10

Here is the trailer in case you missed it.

**How To Train Your Dragon 2 is scheduled to hit theaters on June 13th 2014.**

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