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Oricon chart top 30 week 12

This is the Oricon chart top 30 best selling singles of week 12:

01![new](, Minna de TabetaHKT48-
02![new]( ga Inai, Anohi karaAcid Black Cherry-
04![new]( You/ With Me9nine-
052 wksHikari no SignalKis-My-Ft2-4 ![downbutton](
07![new]( OverAoyama Saint hachamecha high school-
083 wksMae Shika mukaneeAKB48-2 ![downbutton](
09![new]( Worlds EndYui Horie-
112 wksLove StoryTakahiro-8 ![downbutton](
12![new]( Takahashi-
13![new]( ft Lil’FangBack-on-
14![new]( mePrizmaX-
15![new]( SignTakuma Terashima-
162 wksSeventh ChordAtsuko Maeda-12![downbutton](
17![new]( RealizeTia-
18![new]( Sekai no NakaTokyo Ska Paradise-
193 wksHarukazeRihwa[![equal](](
20![new]( KankeiAkai Koen-
215 wksBittersweetArashi-5  ![downbutton](
2212 wksNanbu SemishigureKouhei Fukuda+2 [![arrow up](](
233 wksKing of OtokoKanjani 8-5  ![downbutton](
243 wksJigoku No Sata Mo KimishidaiJigoku No Sata All Stars+1 [![arrow up](](
2511 wksKamonegixNMB48-5  ![downbutton](
262 wksKoi No TehonKeisuke Yamauchi-15![downbutton](
273 wksAyame UjoHiroshi Miyama-1  ![downbutton](
282 wksOtone NagaretsukiKiyoshi Hikawa[![equal](](
292 wksAmbiguousGarnidelia-14![downbutton](
30[![back](]( Takara MonozuU’s-
![downbutton]( = Ranks lower then previous week

arrow up= Ranks higher than previous week

equal = No change in ranking

new = New arrival

back = Returning song in to top 30

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