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Nintendo Direct: Super Smash Bros. Special Breakdown!

In Summer and Winter 2014 the new Super Smash Bros. will hit the shelves.

Gamers be prepared for new Mayhem, destruction and tactics! Nintendo presents to you the new Super Smash Bros. Even though we have to wait for a few month it seems to be worth it.

This Summer the Nintendo 3DS version will arrive, a few month later in the winter of 2014 the Wii U version will follow. In order to inform us, and probably also advertise, Nintendo released a special Nintendo Direct with focus on the new Super Smash Bros.

In this Breakdown we are going to check the differences and the new goodies Nintendo has for us.

Technical Tidbit 3DS:

According to Nintendo most elements of the 3DS version will run on 60 FPS, which also applies for stereoscopic 3D.

The Assist Trophies and Pokemon however, will run on 30 FPS. The Fighters will still run on 60 FPS which will make the fighting still smooth.


Differences and similarities between 3DS and Wii U:

For both consoles the Fighter Line-Up will be the same. The Stages however, will differ. Most stages are console exclusives. So some stages that appear on 3DS will not appear on the Wii U and vice versa.

That said, there will be some stages which both consoles share. But these stages will completely differ in design.


Another big difference between the console versions is the music. 3DS will feature 2 musical pieces per stage, while the Wii U feature music from all sorts of game series.

Nintendo also made a connection between the 3DS and the Wii U versions, however more information about that has not yet been released.


Some very familiar stages will return but may appear as console exclusive stages. One thing they will have in common. there is a lot of background elements and interaction with the stages on both consoles.

One example is the obstructions formed on stages such as the Megaman stage. This brings new tactics to the game. Also, every stage has a Final Destination version. This means no elevated areas or platforms, and also no music.

Nintendo 3DS Stages:

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