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Legend of Zelda: Hyrule Warriors First Screenshots Revealed!

In Japan sales for the new Zelda/Dynasty Warriors crossover will start this August.

While people in Europe and America probably will have to wait a bit longer for the new Legend of Zelda and Dynasty Warriors cross-over game for the WiiU, the Japanese can start playing this summer. It also comes in a limited edition with treasure chest, Triforce clock and Artbook!

Also the first screenshots looks very promising and reveal some things:

  • Impa is a playable character

  • Shia is a new enemy character using the forces of evil to her command. She wants World dominance and to dominate Link (!?)

  • Wizro is an enemy character based on Zelda enemy Wizzrobe.

  • Valga is a new enemy character and is Shia right hand.

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