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Hello Avengers! What if The Avengers bought their clothes in Hello Kitty’s favorite store?

We all have those moments where we like to dress up and pretend we’re someone else. The Avengers did just that and pretended to be Hello Kitty. See what happens when your favorite superhero is suddenly all cute and adorable. Hey Thor, you’ve got Pink’d!

Hello Kitty - Captain America

Captain America

Hello Kitty - The Falcon

The Falcon

Hello Kitty - Hawkeye


Hello Kitty - Black Widow

Black Widow

Hello Kitty - Thor


Hello Kitty - Iron Man

Iron Man

Hello Kitty - Nick Fury

Nick Fury

Hello Kitty - Agent Phil Coulson

Agent Phil Coulson

Hello Kitty - Tony Stark

Tony Stark

Hello Kitty - The Winter Soldier

The Winter Soldier

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