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Star Wars Episode VII First Look At Adam Driver and Gwendoline Christie In Character Costume On Set

Some new images from the Star Wars Episode VII have been dug up. In them we can see Adam Driver in a Rebel flight suit and Gwendoline Christie in her new Alliance member garb.

Though it’s a bit hard to tell, but the first two images most definitely feature actors Adam Driver (TV series Girls) and Gwendoline Christie (known for her role in Game of Thrones). Looking at their wardrobe it seems like they’re the good guys.

Daniel Craig

If you’ve heard the rumors surrounding Daniel Craig’s possible involvement in the JJ Abrams produced movie, we’ll have to let you down. Craig is only at the Pinewood Studios for the pre-production on Bond 24. Newspaper The Sun started the rumor after spotting Daniel Craig at the same studio as were Star Wars Episode VII is being filmed right now.

Adam Driver

Adam Driver Greenham-Commons-38 Star Wars Episode VII

Gwendoline Christie

Gwendoline Christie on set Star Wars Episode VII

Rebel Alliance Troops

Rebel Alliance Boyega-02 Star Wars Episode VII

Rebel Transporter

Rebel Transporter Star Wars Episode VII

Rebels On Patrol Duty

Rebels on patrol duty Star Wars Episode VII

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