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Workout Wednesday: Super Saiyan Workout

Time for a Super Saiyan Workout! Watching Dragon Ball** is a pretty laid-back activity, so it’s time to get off your butt and get that pump!**

Everybody’s favourite Saiyans didn’t get all pumped up and into a legendary Super Saiyan state by just doing some martial arts and eating a lot (yeah, we’re talking to you Goku). They did a workout that was literally out of this world.

By training in hyperbolic time chambers where the timespan of 1 year equals just 1 day in the real world, and training their bodies to the absolute max under 300 times the earth’s gravity, you must imagine the awesome Super Saiyan physique they acquired. Try to grab together all your willpower and try to reach the ultimate warrior level. Hell, maybe even try to do a “Goku” and ask the people of earth to send you their energy!


We can’t promise you will become a legendary saiyan warrior with this training, but at least you can get super fit by doing these Super Saiyan fitness exercises. How many sets can you pull off? Can you make it to Super Saiyan level?

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