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Workout Wednesday: Wonder Woman Workout

**Time for a Wonder Woman Workout!**Reading comics is a pretty laid-back activity, so it’s time to get off your butt and get that pump!

Okay, we have to admit: Wonder Woman a.k.a. Diana of Themyscira has had some divine empowerment to get her going. Several Olympian gods granted her superhuman strength, durability, speed etc.

But despite this, she had to train hard to become an expert in Amazonian martial arts. She also is a master archer and swords(wo)man. And to top it off, she’s an expert with the lasso and throwing stuff (like her tiara, which she uses as a boomerang). Legend goes Batman even called her ‘the best melee fighter in the world’.


We can’t promise you will become a superhero with this training, but at least you can get super fit by doing these Wonder Woman fitness exercises. How many sets can you pull off?

geeky_workout_Wonder Woman

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