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Civil War in Marvel's cinematic universe!?!

Hold on to your hats, folks… here comes a big one!
Variety reports that Marvel is currently hashing out the details on a contract that will enable Robert Downey Jr. to appear as Tony Stark aka Iron Man in “Captain America 3″, the Russo brothers directed follow up to “Captain America: Winter Soldier”.


Yeah, you heard that right. But now let’s move away from the cold, hard and exciting facts and start speculating what this could (and hopefully will) mean.

Civil War.

The Marvel Civil War was a big comic crossover event in Marvel’s main 616 universe, written by Mark Millar and drawn by Leinil Francis Yu in 2006, of which the influence is still being felt in most Marvel books today. It’s considered to be one of if not THE best crossover comicbook Marvel has ever done by many and a true landmark series that you really need to check out if you haven’t done so already. (seriously, whats the hold up? It’s right here! )
The Civil War follows the story of the superhuman registration law, which comes to pass after a superhuman fight causes a huge explosion at a school and people start to feel unsafe with all those powered people flying around. It forces every superhuman in the US to register with the government to become a legal crimefighter overseen by S.H.I.E.L.D. or face persecution and criminal charges. The superhuman community is split in two, with Tony Stark leading the pro registration camp (with Spidey, Reed Richards and others in tow), while Steve Rogers defends the secret identities of his fellow heroes as leader of the anti registration camp (Daredevil, Hercules, Luke Cage and others).


Now, with Downey up for a role in Cap 3 and rumors of Avengers 2 ending with a completely new Avengers team lead by Stark, all signs point to a Civil War like story in the MCU as well, which is an awesome proposition. This would/could give the Marvel cinematic universe, which was always full of fun and adventure, it’s first big shake up on a whole other level, since the idea of the superhuman Civil War is a really thought provoking premise. That was one of the coolest things about the comic as well: you can actually make a compelling case for either side of the fence. Would you like to have superpowered people just do what they want in real life? Would you want them to be pawns of the government and lay down their secret identities, when they originally volunteered to help out, out of the goodness of their heart? Those are all good and pretty deep questions that maybe we can see in a few years translated on the screen and we’d would love every second of it!

Although… the best part is yet to come. What if they would use this story to do the impossible? To really shake things up? What if they would make RDJ’s Tony Stark the sorta bad guy of the next Cap movie? To take the favorite character of the whole cinematic universe and have him be the antagonist, who is starting to go too far for the greater good and to turn him into a villain? That would be awesome!


In the comic book Tony went too far as well and even started a prison in the negative zone for his fellow superheroes who didn’t see eye to eye with him on the whole matter. Are we going to see this darker version of Iron Man in the movies? To be sure, it would be an awesome twist to have him face off with Evan’s Captain America. Since Marvel is also currently talking with Sony about using Spider-man in team up movies, they even could use his characters subplot in Civil War to add another big shocker to the story! What do you think? Are you Team Cap or Team Stark? (CAP!)

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