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Workout Wednesday: Legend of Zelda Workout

Time for a Legend of Zelda workout! Playing games** is a pretty laid-back activity, so it’s time to get off your butt and get that pump!**

Okay, we have to admit: Link didn’t become the legendary hero just by swinging his sword and smashing pots in search of rupees. He was destined to be the chosen hero and the bearer of the Triforce of Courage! This gave Link the the courage and strength to fight the most evil forces and save princess Zelda from a life full of doom.

However, next to the Triforce of Courage and loads of cool gadgets (hookshot, anyone?), Link did work hard to become the legendary warrior he is today. By perfecting his swordsmanship and training regularly, he prepared himself for all the evil that lies ahead. Considering all the adventures he has been through, we think his cardio training must have been pretty intense as well!


We can’t promise you will save princess Zelda and become a legendary hero like Link with this training, but at least you can get super fit by doing these Legend of Zelda fitness exercises. How many sets can you pull off? Oh, and remember to keep an eye on your healthbar!

geeky_workout_Link Legend of Zelda

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