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Workout Wednesday: Star Wars Jedi Workout

Time for a Star Wars workout! **Watching movies **is a pretty laid-back activity, so it’s time to get off your butt and get that pump!

Okay, we have to admit: you don’t just become a legendary Jedi by putting on a brown robe and swinging your lightsaber around. The Jedi study, serve and utilize the mysterious energy which connects everything and everyone in the universe; the Force! This gives them an undeniably big advantage over galaxy scum whom they must defeat. And, of course, the awesome lightsabers do help with the bad-ass status of the Jedi!


However, next to the Force and the awesome space gadgets the Jedi have, they worked really hard to become the saviours of the galaxy. Jedi go through intense training and start of as a youngling to begin their epic journey to Jedihood. After the first phase they become Padawans and get trained by a personal Jedi Master.

Once they finish this training and succeed on some really hard tests, they can officially call themselves Jedi Knights. The next step is to train a Padawan to become a Jedi Knight, and thus making you the Jedi Master! Wow, what a journey. The deep connection with the Force, the intense training with the lightsabers, and the overall acrobatic abilities of Jedi, must be a real tough job we reckon! Not strange, if you see the brute force of the Sith.


We can’t promise you will become a legendary Jedi Knight with this training, but at least you can get super fit by doing these Star Wars fitness exercises. How many sets can you pull off? May the force be with you!

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