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Attack On Avengers Crossover Published

The much anticipated Attack on Avengers, an Attack on Titan and Marvel crossover, has been published last Saturday in Brutus Magazine. Luckily, someone decided to scan the comic’s images for us to enjoy!

Last week we showed you a new glimpse of the Attack on Titan and Marvel crossover. Now, we have the full comic right here for you. Although it’s only 8 pages long, and doesn’t really go as deep as the original comics/manga, it is a fun read. It moreover displays how successful the franchise has become. We’re glad someone decided to scan the images of Magazine House’s Brutus Magazine.

Attention: This was published in an Japanese magazine, so you have to read the comic from right to left ;-)

Attack On Avengers Comic

attack_on_avengers_crossover_1 attack_on_avengers_crossover_2 attack_on_avengers_crossover_3 attack_on_avengers_crossover_4 attack_on_avengers_crossover_5 attack_on_avengers_crossover_6 attack_on_avengers_crossover_7 attack_on_avengers_crossover_8

We think it’s a pretty cool crossover. Attack on Avengers might lead to other “What If?” scenarios with Marvel / manga crossovers. We also have some good news for the Attack on Titan anime fans. It has just been announced that there will be a 2nd anime season coming in 2016. Next to that, there will be two films with a live-action version of Attack on Titan. Enough exciting things to come for Attack on Titan fans!

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