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Geekly News Round-up! SDCC 2015 Edition

In this section, you’ll find all recent headlines that you, as a pop culture aficionado, should not miss. We can’t all keep track of everything, so each week we’ll select the important news for you. We bring you our: Geekly News Round-Up!

Holy hell! What a weekend! In this very special edition of our Geekly News Round-up we are gonna travel back in time to SDCC ’15 and cover our highlights from the show! I won’t cover the Fox panel with X-Men, Deadpool and Fantastic Four, since I did not manage to see the footage that was shown (which seems only to have been unfinished effect shots and sequences anyway), but will cover almost anything else BIG that was shown or announced at Comic Con! Here we go!

Arrow Is Now Green Arrow

Arrow Is Now Green Arrow

At the hall H panel for the CW DC TV shows Steven Amell took to the stage in his newly unveiled outfit and started talking to the fans:
“San Diego Comic-Con, you have not failed this city,” Speaking in character, Amell said he has *“lost people forever. But Star City — not Starling City — still needs heroes. All of you have come so far, and I ask you come a little bit further — with the Green Arrow.” *

I really have to say… well played. I really felt season 3 was ending pretty bad and was unsure if I wanted to continue watching the show, because it is not the Green Arrow show I wanted… but now them turning around and doing exactly what I had hoped from the beginning makes me return this fall, with a lot of excitement. Maybe the wanna be Batman from season 3 is finally gone and we get an actual GREEN Arrow show. Well played, well played.

“We’ve always said the progression for Oliver is from Arrow to Green Arrow, and this is the next step,” producer Greg Berlanti said.
“He’s happy, he’s in love. I think that feeling infuses all the character. There will be a little more humor on the show, but still shooting arrows, still scenes in the rain.” producer Andrew Kreisberg added.

They also revealed that two new DC characters are going to join season 4: Mister Terrific (who will be gay in the series) and Batman villain Anarky. Diggle will also sport a masked costume this season, wearing a helmet and will be called “Black Driver”, which I hope will be adressed in the show as being the worst name ever for a black superhero, who used to be the main hero’s driver and then lead to something else (going by the look they showed, maybe the Guardian).

Jay Garrick Flash Revealed For Flash Season 2

Jay Garrick Flash Revealed For Flash Season 2

On the same panel where the Green Arrow news came from we also got some interesting new tidbits for the Flash season 2!
Jay Garrick, the Flash from Earth 2 in the comics, will be a part of season 2 of the CW TV series! Fans already saw his presence hinted at during the finale of season one, so this is very good news.

“Our ‘Big Bad’ this season is going to be Zoom,” producer Kreisberg said. “He’s going to be faster than the Reverse-Flash, faster than the Flash, and it’s going to be very hard to catch him.”

They also confirmed that Wally West will play a role in season 2, but did not confirm any casting for the role.

“This year we’re going to be introducing characters from Earth-2. That’s obviously the origin of Jay. Gorilla Grodd will be back. We have a big Captain Cold/Golden Glider episode early on. We’ve got a couple villains we don’t want to share, yet. We’re really excited about Zoom — how that presents, the challenges he brings to our characters. He’s going to be terrifying, and scary, and fast.”

Sound all very good and after that amazing first season I am in any way!

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

Lets get to the BIG one. DC Comics and Warner Bros. released the new and extra long trailer for Batman v Superman online immediately after showing it in a packed hall H. Check it out here:

An amazing trailer, that really REALLY packs a punch and loads of information. For example, we see that the building Zod destroys in Man of Steel’s final fight with his emerging heat vision is actually Wayne Towers in Metropolis, which explains Bruce’s hatred against Superman. He only sees it from the outside, so he has no idea if the damage came from Zod or Superman himself. We also see a Robin suit that has been graffitied by the Joker and much much more! For me personally, one of the best trailers I have ever seen and I thought I could not be more hyped about this movie. I. Love. Every. Second. Affleck really nails this version of Batman and seems very up to the challenge of following up on Bale. The dark, but hopeful tone, the way its all shot and lighted, the direction, Eisenberg’s Lex who is already stealing scenes (“the red capes are coming, the red capes are coming”), Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman, Iron’s Alfred (who looks eerily like an aged RDJ Tony Stark) and the action… oh my god, the action!
So many questions though: who or what causes the destruction we see when the Batplane fly over the burning landscape, or where the Wonder Woman fight takes place? A villain that hasn’t been revealed yet? And what is up with that sand-batsuit and those Superman Emblem soldiers Batman fights in the desert? Clark does not seem too happy about them either? Maybe a militaristic cult of Superman worshippers, paid for by Lex?

More interesting details from the panel: Gotham and Metropolis are sister cities, only parted by a bay, in this new universe, unlike in the comics. According to Snyder that made more sense with the story. The mecha-Batman suit is not strength enhancing for Batman, but only for life preserving. “He is gonna get pummeled like a pinata”. Snyder also said again that the movie is influenced by Dark Knight Returns on a design level, but that the story is something completely different.
The panel was visited by Snyder, Holly Hunter (who plays the Senator in the movie and trailer), Amy Adams (who said she dreamed of playing Lois since age 5), Gal Gadot, Jeremy Irons (who praised Michael Caine’s Alfred and said the BvS script is amazing), Jesse Eisenberg, Henry Cavill and Ben Affleck.
Affleck ended the interview portion with a story about him going to a L.A costume shop to buy a Batman suit for his son and running into Christian Bale and his kids in the Batman part of the store. He asked Bale for advice on playing Batman and Bale said he should make sure he can piss with the suit. The audience loved the footage and the cast and director seemed very stoked to be there, had a lot of fun with each other and signed comics and posters for an hour afterwards.

Batman v Superman Dawn of Justice 2

Green Lantern Corps Movie Revealed

Green Lantern Corps Movie Revealed

On the same panel where we did the Batman v Superman news it also was revealed that, like we did speculate a few weeks ago, the new Green Lantern movie is really going to be a Green Lantern Corps movie, which will focus not on a single hero but a team of spacecops! I love this idea, as I always preferred the Green Lantern Corps comics to the solo Green Lantern, so sounds very good to me. No word on casting yet.

Suicide Squad

suicide squad

Suicide Squad was also featured at the DC movies panel. They went on before Batman v Superman and the whole cast except Jared Leto were there. Director David Ayer said that “when it comes to villains there is nothing like DC” and that he was getting bored by good fighting bad, so in his movie its bad fighting evil.
He also brought a first trailer with him, which leaked on the internet yesterday. Here is my brief description of what I saw:

*We start with Amanda Waller talking to what looks like government people at a dinner party. She says that Superman has been a beacon that drew other superpowered people out of the shadows. A government guy asks if those people have powers and she says “Oh yeah”. She explains the idea of the Squad, a group of people they can send in to do missions for them and when it goes wrong they can blame it one them because they are bad guys. “Built in deniability” she calls it. We then see Harley Quinn in a cell, doing some kind of acrobatic on ropes. When she sees Waller she asks her “are you the devil?”. We see Killer Croc on a stretcher, Will Smith’s Deadshot working out on a punching bag and shot of the rest of the Squad. After a few action scenes we see them in the streets and Will Smith says “We are their patsies… some kinda Suicide Squad!”. We see more action shots, all looking very action thriller like, gunplay, stunts etc. We even see Harley sitting in the Joker car talking to Joker and Batman on top of the car, trying to get in. Everything looks very cool but dark and moody. Then we see Harley sitting next to Boomerang, who says something about crazy people and Harley reacting to that with a super cute “what?”. Margot Robbie is amazing in the role, from what we see here. She doesn’t do the classic Harley voice 100%, but a more realistic version of it that still absolutely Harley. After that the screen turns black and we hear the first Joker laugh. Its creepy and weird. Then we see Jared Leto as Joker, shirtless walk into a room that looks like an operating theatre. He looks at someone on the operating table (we don’t see who it is), we see him from the waist up, holding something in each hand (maybe electric cables, or operating equipment) and he says “Oh, I am not going to kill you”, then more shots of the Squad walking through the streets and a split second back to Joker how adjusts the operating light… then the screen goes black for a second, before we hear Leto again:”I am just going to hurt you…”. We see Joker’s face in close up, looking straight into the camera, while smiling. “…really, REALLY bad.” The the logo of the movie.
Amazing footage and a finished trailer that will apparently not be release online, as a statement from DC confirmed today.The ties to the universe (Batman appearing and Superman being mentioned) are strong but not distracting and the movie looks way more street level focused than BvS. Harley seems like the main character of it all and Leto’s Joker is even more scary than I imagined. From the creepy factor this short scene was very close to a horror movie vibe and I like that. Can’t wait until 2016!

UPDATE: Warner decided to release the trailer anyhow. Good news for us. Check it out:

Ash vs. Evil Dead Trailer

As a huge Evil Dead fan (especially of the first movie), I was anxiously awaiting news on the coming Ash vs. Evil Dead TV series. I was really doubting if that would/could work, but this trailer right here showed me that it can. Looks amazing! Check it out above! Very very funny and very very bloody! Groovy, you might say.

Star Wars

Star Wars

Star Wars was present at San Diego Comic Con as well and brought a few new things with them, while holding an amazing panel with Mark Hamill, Harrison Ford and Carrie Fisher among other cast members like Jason Boyega and Adam Driver. They also released one of the coolest videos yet, wich goes behind the scenes of the upcoming movie, which you can check out here:

In my opinion some of the best stuff they have shown so far, which really gave me goosebumps.
The panel was amazing as well and they even brought a practical alien on stage with them to show the level of craftsmanship that will go into the movie.
Director Abrams was asked about the pressure of following up the original movies and had this to say about that:
“When you’re directing a scene on the Millennium Falcon, that doesn’t make it good…it’s storytelling 101…You can’t be blinded by (your love for the original trilogy). I can’t wait to show you the movie.”

Kathleen Kennedy answered the question about the numbered movies having an overarching story, or being more standalone and said that *“VIII and IX will be part of that [overall] saga.” *.

When a fan asked if any Asian characters will be in the film, Abrams answered with *“There are Asians in this film. The truth is we didn’t write the character of Finn to be any color, we didn’t write Rey to be any color.” *

A fan asked the cast would they choose the light side or dark side? Boyega:* “I wouldn’t be involved in any of that. I’d be Han Solo trying to make some money.”*
Driver: “Dark, dark.”

Mark Hamill talked about the feeling he gets when people talk about the impact the original movies had on their lives, like when people name their child Luke of Leia.
But how did it feel to be back, for the original cast?
“It felt great…the original Star Wars was the beginning of my working life…so it was great to be back. Thank you. It’s a development of theme and a natural progression of the story we told in the first three,” Harrison Ford said

“I was just glad I didn’t have to go to Tosche Station to pick up power converters,” Hamill joked.

Ford added*“I never thought that we would do another. I was very gratified when I read the script because I read something that I thought was really remarkable, really well-written…I was very happy to be part of the story and the cast again.”*
Overall one of the coolest panels of the show, that really reignited my anticipation for the upcoming Episode 7!

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